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Pest Control

we offer a comprehensive range of pest control services from residential to commercial customized to your unique needs. With our head office in Chandigarh, we cater to almost all states of Northern India.

We understand the importance of a clean, pest free environment. That’s why we offer our clients only the most capable and knowledgeable pest control technicians. All our technicians are fully equipped and are able to carry out a complete range of pest control methods on site. They have in-depth knowledge of effective termite treatments and solutions.

Pests can never be allowed to become an issue in your workplace. The impact they have on product and profit margins is devastating. But whatever the size of the problem.

Termite control in buildings is very important as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is huge. Wood is one of the cellulosic materials which termites damage, cellulose forming their basic nutrient.

Pests in your home are annoying as they can cause great hygiene issues which can result in health risks. We offer effective, family safe solutions to help protect your homes against pests.

The Termites start invading your premises, these pest can damage and destroy all wood fixtures, important documents, stationary, insulation of electrical and telephone wiring etc.

We also provide the following specialized pest management services on particular requirements of customers: Fogging Services, Anti Larva Treatment,Weed control, Bird control.

This Pipe Reticulation System is a new concept in the area of pest control treatment for control of termites, successfully developed by us and a very cost effective infrastructure installation for the first time in India, for the permanent Solution of termites.